Parc Thoracique

Holding ourselves upright is a skill that we put no thought into, but is actually a large feat when you consider everything that goes into the process. Good posture is one of the most essential parts in maintaining your ability to stay upright, but the health of your spine is not considered until there are problems with it or damage to it. While the cervical spine is built for flexibility, the thoracic spine is the piece we rely on for stability. As both are of equal importance of life, both are displayed here.
Much like a human being, cold cathodes have a limited lifespan. They clock in at 30,000 hours, or just under 3 and a half years. In a similar fashion to us, they slowly die -- dimming a bit each time they’re used, not very noticeable at first but over time or when you haven’t seen them for awhile you say “hey, didn’t you used to be brighter?”. The lights will eventually die a slow and undignified death of being “on” but “barely there”.
The choice of cold cathodes in this piece comes from my love of forgotten materials and abandoned mediums. Cold cathode lights are an extremely underutilised light source that surged to popularity in the early 2000s primarily as an alternative to neon inside of computer cases for their ability to produce significantly less heat and sound. This made them ideal to show off the expensive parts and neat wiring inside of ones hand built computer while not complicating the cooling situation inside. This form of self expression continues today mainly in the form of LEDs, and cold cathodes have been greatly abandoned.
In homage to the vintage computer culture I’ve appropriated the medium from the surface is a clean, high gloss white and the design and wiring of the piece was kept as neat and precise as possible. I have chosen to show the piece in the dark to illustrate the differences between the old dimmed lights I pulled out of my old computers and the fresh new ones I purchased for this piece.
This was an interactive piece the users could turn on and off as well as disconnect sections of the lighting (i.e. turning off all the bright white lights).
Melamine, cold cathodes, wiring, control boxes.
16” x 52”